27 May 2024,   10:07
We decided to establish a public movement, which may be transformed into a political party - Sozar Subari

As it known, the MPs, who left Georgian Dream, have founded a public movement “People’s Power”. They do not rule out that the movement will be transformed into a political party. The relevant statement made Sozar Subari.

“In light of the ongoing war in Ukraine, Georgia is facing serious challenges. Despite the fact that the country has already passed the main phase of the threat of war, this threat is still relevant, which means that full mobilization is needed to protect the country.

People should be fully informed about the events that are taking place behind the scenes of politics. In the conditions of lack of information, the society may remain vulnerable to the threats that threaten the peace and independence of the country in Georgia.

If necessary, if we see that the Government can no longer withstand the pressure related to the war, we do not rule out transforming the public movement into a political party”, - said Sozar Subari.