03 February 2023,   21:37
The state is doing its best to fully realize Saakashvili’s right to health - Rati Bregadze

The state is doing its best to fully realize the health of the former president, Mikheil Saakashvili. Such a statement made today the Minister of Justice.

“It is better for the doctors to speak. For my part, I can say that the state is doing its best to ensure that his right to health is fully realized, he has always received appropriate and adequate medical services from the state, both directly in the penitentiary institution and in the treatment institution No 18, as well as in Gori Military Hospital.

As you know, he was in the 12th penitentiary institution, where he was prescribed medical treatment, however, by his own decision, he did not take this treatment in full. In order to rule out the risk of further complications, he was transferred to the Vivamedi clinic and is under the supervision of doctors.

The state is doing its best both for this particular convicted person and for all other persons who are in penitentiary institutions, and this will continue in the future as well.

Of course, part of the radical opposition is trying to use this for a political agenda. We also saw a statement from the lawyer where he said that the report would be confidential, submitted to the court and no one would have access to it. However, we see politicians talking about the health condition of convict Mikheil Saakashvili, they make their own assessments, which of course are not valid. It is not completely moral or ethical when these people try to use the health condition of this particular person for their own political purposes”, - said Rati Bregadze.