02 April 2023,   13:34
What I said was misunderstood - Irakli Garibashvili on his statement regarding the Georgian fighters in Ukraine

Prime Minister of Georgia rejected as “lies” the reports by “certain media outlets” who had “misinterpreted” his remarks on all Georgian volunteers in Ukraine as being affiliated with the United National Movement.

“I would like to tell everyone, including the most radical, immoral opposition, that speculating on issues relating to the death of a person, especially the death of a person at war, is completely immoral and hypocritical.

As for my statement, those who know me know my attitude towards people in uniforms. I was the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Minister of Defense and twice the Prime Minister. Everybody is aware of my attitude, respect and attention.

What I said was misunderstood and it is your fault that you misinterpreted it, as if I called all the people who are fighting in Ukraine members of the UNM, this is a big lie. You all have been spreading it. I said the following - it should be separated! We are all well aware that specific persons were named over the past couple of days through various media outlets. There are people with specific names that are directly related to the UNM and Saakashvili. There are also people, ex-military, policemen, maybe just citizens, who went to war with their beliefs, their spirit, their idealistic attitude. This is their decision.

Of course, I did not say that all these people were taken or organized by the UNM and the war party. I said the following and I will repeat it again: it should be separated! There is a category - a few people, I don’t know, maybe a dozen, who are led and organized by Saakashvili, the war party, the party that lost our territories and handed them over to the Russian occupier, the party that handed over strategic objects to Russia after the war – taken and organized by them. I said the following that these people are directly associated... some of them are members of the party even today”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.