22 April 2024,   16:26
We are actively working on the airport project, we also want to start the construction of the Anaklia port and we are working on the modification of the Khudoni project - Irakli Garibashvili

We have a lot of large-scale projects planned, which will be implemented this year. Such a statement made today the Prime Minister of Georgia.

“I mean the ongoing large infrastructural works and projects, and I would like to mention once again that we are actively working on the airport project, which involves an investment of USD 500 million.

We have the ambition and motivation to get in Tbilisi one of the best airports of the region. In the second stage, expansion and complete modernization of Batumi Airport will be planned.

Besides, we want to start the construction of Anaklia port this year. We are actively working on this.

We also have large hydroelectric power project, which is known to everyone. Also, for your information, we are currently working on the modification of the Khudoni project. In particular, what I mean? As you know, it was a very sensitive issue for all of us, since according to the current project, there would be the flooding of the village, graves, and church, which, of course, would be very heavy. Therefore, according to my instructions, we are now working on a new project to build this project in such a way that if it is implemented, flooding will no longer be necessary. The power may be slightly reduced, but our experts tell us that the output may be almost the same. If this happens, of course it will be good.

I want also to point out that we plan to implement such large projects with the participation of the state, that is, the Government. We should be the leader in these projects because these are projects of general national importance, of state importance”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.