17 June 2024,   09:13
This does not befit our country, you should be ashamed - the President of Georgia - Salome Zourabichvili on violence against women

This does not befit our country, you should be ashamed! Such a statement made today the President of Georgia, while talking about the violence against women.

“The situation of violence against women in Georgia and even more, the justification of it in various forms is disturbing. They justify the unjustified with their mockery, which they think is a joke. Even women who claim to have a public image.

Such an uncivil, non-social, non-solidarity approach is incomprehensible to me both humanly and morally. Especially when we know that what starts with verbal violence often continues with physical violence and in some cases ends with the tragic result of femicide.

I categorically condemn all harassment, attacks, whether verbal or physical. I condemn first of all as a woman and I condemn as a President. I condemn that which has nothing to do with our culture, our traditions, our politeness and which can only damage the reputation of Georgia, whose history was known and I hope it will still be known as a country of strong women - a country where women were respected.

Damage to our history and reputation also comes with political damage. At a time when [the Government] prides itself on implementing the part of the 12 recommendations that concerns the rights of women and gender, it turns out that we are canceling with another hand what is written on paper. Moreover, the government does not distance itself from violence, even verbally, on the contrary, it encourages the aggressor and repeatedly abuses the victim. This does not befit our country. You should be ashamed”, - said Salome Zourabichvili.