28 November 2023,   13:10
Transition should happen as quickly as possible and victory in the elections should be achieved before the elections – Saakashvili

Transition should happen as quickly as possible and victory in the elections should be achieved before the elections, reads the Facebook post of Mikheil Saakashvili.

“Georgia is a conquered and imprisoned country. The process of conquest began in 2012, when Russia took over the central Government of the country, and now we are in the final stage of this process of conquest.

Russia has its governor-general in Georgia – [Bidzina] Ivanishvili, who does what he learned in Russia, makes us watch performances, quarrels between the resident and the government, promotes the formation of several camps within the opposition, constantly blackmails Europe and America and, accordingly, creates the feeling of competition with Russia. He destroys those who are actually a threat to him physically and morally.

Ivanishvili and the Russians use greed, money, small or big ambitions of individual opposition figures and create false illusions that they can achieve what no one else has been able to achieve, if they regularly isolate and condemn others.

What is the solution?

First of all, the unity of everyone, but unity does not mean attracting people who have been discredited many times or preparing for the new labor arrangement of eternal MPs.

We should not allow electronic elections to be held by Ivanishvili, but only by the European Union or a coalition of reliable countries.

We must realize that a change must happen as quickly as possible and win the elections before the elections.

Rejecting the illusion that some event will happen, for example, the rejection of the EU candidate status, and the youth unknown to us will come out again and the opposition will join this new wave.

Firstly, in my opinion, Georgia will be given the status for geopolitical reasons, which will not change anything in the daily life of Georgians, and secondly, counting on the mythical youth protest will not give anything.

Daily work is needed and the older generations should also be involved in this process, they should play the main role and not give this function only to the youth.

I know that the older generations have much more to lose, most of them have debts, are afraid of losing their jobs, many have left and the rest dream of leaving, but the Dream no longer has real ideological supporters, Russia and Ivanishvili are on the wrong side of history, Ukraine will defeat Russia with the help of the

West, which will lay the foundation for the process of disintegration of Russia. Azerbaijan’s restoration of territorial integrity and Armenia’s open deviation to the West have disrupted Russia"s main paradigm in the South Caucasus.

Russia no longer has the support of any people among the 3 countries of the Caucasus, so no matter how much you disintegrate the opposition talking heads, I"m already here and I’m going to be actively involved in uniting all decent people, including massively bringing in new people.

I myself have learned a lot from my personnel mistakes, I saw clearly who is who while in prison, and I intend to release not only myself, but also the whole country from prison!”, - writes Mikheil Saakashvili.