29 February 2024,   12:05
Government doing its best for European integration despite obstacles from opposition - Kaladze

The Government of Georgia is doing its best to meet conditions for European integration of the country, despite the obstacles created by a part of the domestic opposition in the process. Such a statement made today the Mayor of Tbilisi.

“The action plan for the implementation of the nine steps set out by the European Commission for granting the European Union membership candidate status to the country would be made public in the near future.

The Georgian Government is doing its best on the difficult path of European integration, despite the fact that the opposition is only creating obstacles.

When you love your country and want it to have a European future, to develop, to move forward, and at the same time you are only hindering [this process] - to say the least, this is harmful. The Government would spare no efforts for the country to develop economically and maintain peace”, - said Kakha Kaladze.