16 April 2024,   09:28
Georgian parliamentary delegation participated in the meeting of Georgia-NATO Interparliamentary Council meeting

Brussels hosted the Georgia-NATO Interparliamentary Council meeting, organized by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

The meeting was attended by the Head of the Parliamentary Delegation, Irakli Beraia and the Delegation members, Givi Mikanadze, Tinatin Bokuchava and Teona Akubardia from the Georgian side, and the Vice-Presidents of the NATO PA, Secretary General, Bureau members and the representatives of the Alliance from the NATO side.

The attendees deliberated on the regional security milieu, the situation in the occupied regions of Georgia, the impact of the full-scale Russian aggression in Ukraine on the security of Georgia, the progress of Georgia on the NATO integration path, and the undertaken and ongoing reforms in the country.

The parties underlined the support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity, EU and NATO integration and the reforming process of Georgia, as well as the invaluable merit that Georgia contributes to NATO security, the maintenance of the de-occupation of Georgia and the NATO integration priorities in the political and security agenda of NATO and its allies, as well as the enhancement of the support of the allies in the national defense capacity and security of our country.

The Georgia-NATO Interparliamentary Council is one of the cooperation mechanisms between the Georgian Parliament and NATO PA, convening the meetings in the hereof format on an annual basis.