19 April 2024,   04:28
This day always reminds us that the Georgian nation never agrees to be an occupied country - Papuashvili

The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia echoes the Day of Remembrance of Georgian cadets on his social network.

“Every year on February 23, we remember our self-sacrificing heroes - the cadets who died in the battle with the Soviet army.

Their memory is eternal, and their heroism will be passed down from generation to generation as an exemplary dedication to Georgia’s disobedience, self-respect and the honor of the country.

Honoring their memory once again confirms the insatiable desire of the Georgian people for freedom, its goal to be a sovereign country regardless of eras and circumstances, to always find the strength of disobedience and peace such heroes as the young boys and girls of the military school. Glory to their memory!”, - writes Shalva Papuashvili.