19 April 2024,   18:54
The Foreign Committee heard today the U.S. Ambassador to Georgia, Robin Dunnigan

The Foreign Committee of the Parliament heard today, February 28, the U.S. Ambassador, Robin Dunnigan.

“For 30 years, the United States of America stands by the side of Georgia in various directions, including the development of the state institutions, economic development, support for democracy, and what’s paramount, the support of the territorial integrity and the non-recognition of our occupied territories. On behalf of the Committee, I would like to express extreme gratitude to the Ambassador, the Government and the people of America”, - said the Chairman of the Committee, Nikoloz Samkharadze.

The Ambassador overviewed the key aspects of the Georgia-US strategic partnership and the foreign policy of America. As she said, the US is the strongest supporter of Georgia.

“This partnership is beneficial for both our countries. I have met many Georgians whose lives were positively changed by the US-Georgia partnership – the officers, border guards, military persons, professors, students, farmers, and small businessmen. America supported Georgia in protecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity. We equipped Georgia with the NATO-compatible instruments. If we revise the last 32 years, the US is if not the only one but one of the strongest supporters of Georgia”, - she stated.

Per her information, she has met with a new Prime Minister, where she expressed once again the commitment to support the strategic relations of Georgia, including the Euro-Atlantic aspirations, bilateral trade investments, middle corridor, military and defense cooperation, and cultural relations.

The Ambassador congratulated Georgia on receiving the EU candidate status noting that the US supports Georgia on a transitional stage to become the EU member country. According to her, upon she was appointed to this position, she left for Brussels to support the EU integration of Georgia.

The diplomat dwelt on the upcoming elections. According to her, the people need to know that their votes will be fairly tabulated, and the elections will be free and fair.

She named the economic links between the USA and Georgia as one of the key priorities and dwelt on the aid rendered by the USA to Georgia in preservation of the cultural heritage.

Robin Dunnigan expressed her intact support to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country and noted that the military partnership between the two countries serves as the basis for the strategic partnership indeed.