24 April 2024,   04:29
Georgia has strong institutions capable of unwaveringly, staunchly protecting national interests – Kobakhidze

Needless to say, business plays a decisive role in economic development, Georgian Prime Minister stated in his speech at the Conference of Georgia’s Business Association during which prospects of the country’s economy and rapidly developing sectors were discussed. According to the Head of Government, Georgia has been enjoying rapid economic advancement for the 4th year in a row.

“I would like to emphasize that no economic success can be achieved without peace and political stability. You all remember how things unfolded in the course of the past three years. There was a serious attempt to undermine Georgia’s political stability and turn our country into a part of the scenario unfortunately taking place in our friendly country of Ukraine. Fortunately, our country, our Government have withstood pressure and managed to keep both the robustness of the state and peace in the country. This confirms that Georgia has strong institutions capable of unwaveringly, staunchly protecting national interests.

Today our political team has solid positions and strong public support. Surveys conducted over the past year show that public support for our ruling team is 55-60%. Of course, these are party rankings, but all this in itself testifies to the population"s strong support for the Government, authorities. The same surveys illustrate the reason behind all this. Two main factors underpin the population’s overwhelming support for our team. One lies in maintaining peace, that is, the first factor, because people see what is happening around us, and there are numerous hotspots in the world. Under these circumstances, our country, notwithstanding serious risks, maintains peace. The other factor behind the population’s strong support lies in economic growth, economic progress, which naturally reflects in the social conditions of the population. We can pledge most assuredly to both the public at large and business that we will surely keep peace, political stability, and high economic growth rates in the future. We discuss all this in order for you to have a sense of solidity. We do have all preconditions to continue caring for our country’s progress and development in a stable and solid manner. As Prime Minister, I personally would like to reiterate to you our total commitment to openness and close cooperation with business, the Business Association”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.