29 May 2024,   08:52
We have a full right to demand minimum standards of transparency from NGOs - Irakli Kobakhidze

There is no alternative to transparency in a democratic state - the only thing that the draft law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence” envisages is the annual publication of finances by non-governmental organizations. Such a statement the Prime Minister of Georgia made at the joint press conference with the Chancellor of Germany.

“After I was appointed as the Prime Minister of Georgia, I decided to publish all the decisions of the Government, which is very important for the capability of the Government.

Under the conditions of the mentioned law, we have a full right to demand minimum standards of transparency from non-governmental organizations. NGOs acting in the interests of a foreign country take certain steps. After 2020, there have been two attempts to change the Government not through democratic elections, but through street protests. During the last years, the financing took place, among them, in illegal ways, which has becoming a practice recently.

We see that these organizations contribute to the polarization of society.

Hans Kelsen pointed out that functional democracy must be based on law. I learned this in Germany and I am sure that this law will contribute to the establishment of a strong, grounded fundamental democracy”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.