27 May 2024,   11:12
2024 Positive Peace Index - Georgia ranks among top 50

The 2024 Positive Peace Report [PPR], released by the Institute for Economics and Peace, showed that Georgia had improved its ranking by 6 positions and was ranked 49th, achieving the status of a “high” level of Positive Peace.

The Positive Peace Index shows that Georgia is an example of progress with “historic” improvement in the key findings describing the trajectory of peace and future peace.

Additionally, long-term and 10-year improvements in peace have placed Georgia among the top-5 countries in the world.

Along with the 2024 Peace Index, the 2024 Business and Peace Report was also released, which focuses on environmental, social and governance standards. The progress of Georgia was also highlighted in this report.

Based on the improvement achieved, Georgia was named among the 10 countries where the highest progress is expected in the future.