29 May 2024,   10:15
If the media has been free for 11 years, there is peace in the country, how dare you lie to the people, as if the country has moved away from the European orbit - Talakvadze to the opposition

You still havenэt been able to admit your mistakes and figure out where you stand - Are you still in the past or are you in the present and really want to be a part of the political system that works for the future of this country. This is how the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, Archil Talakvadze, addressed the opposition.

He responded to the statement of opposition MP Ana Natsvlishvili, who noted that “fortunately, there is still free media in this country”.

“I would like to respond to the words of one of the opposition women: “I am standing at this tribune, thank God that there is still a free media in this country”. I want to ask hem a question. This “still”, what period does it cover - 10-15 minutes, an hour, a day or a week? I hope you don"t have 11 years in your dictionary yet, do you?

If 11 years if the media is free, business is free, peace is preserved in the country, if more parties are represented in the Parliament, if the observers say that the elections are held in compliance with the basic rules for 11 years.

If for 11 years the country has received visa-free travel, free trade with Europe, candidate status, Europol - with Mr. [Vakhtang] Gomelauri heading the Ministry of Internal Affairs, our police has become an equal partner of Europol, that is, entered into equal cooperation with Europe, and, in your words, 11 years go by like this, then how dare you lie to people that the country has moved away from the European orbit and as if there is no value in this country anymore and we have separated from the West.

Do you understand that you are still lying to the people and you are still in the trauma of the previous Government”, - said Archil Talakvadze.