29 May 2024,   10:33
Georgian Dream to hold a public gathering in front of the Parliament

Georgian Dream is planning a public gathering in front of the Parliament building on April 29.

“The draft law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence” is still under consideration. However, it is already clear that unlike last year, this year the radical opposition was able to mislead only a small part of our fellow citizens.

At its peak, the number of participants in the rallies organized by the opposition reached 9,500. It is obvious that the multi-million USD investment invested in strengthening the radical opposition by [David] Kezerashvili, [Mamuka] Khazaradze and unscrupulous donors of rich NGOs has failed. Georgian society is already so politically mature that no amount of money can mislead it.

According to sociological surveys, today the rating of Georgian Dream exceeds 60%, while the only opposition party that manages to cross the threshold has only a 12% rating.

Against this background, the politically bankrupt radical opposition, rich NGOs and the so-called President speak to us on behalf of people, which causes justifiable irritation of our supporters, the absolute majority of the population of Georgia.

We take into account the request of our supporters and next Monday, April 29, we will hold a public meeting in front of the Parliament of Georgia.

I call upon you, the patriotic fellow citizens of our country from all over the country to reject the revolution funded with black money, attack on the Orthodox Church, political intervention with religious content, LGBT propaganda, drug propaganda, discrediting of state institutions, radicalism and the financing of polarization.

We cannot allow a politically and morally bankrupt political minority to speculate and speak on behalf of people. We will show everyone where the great majority of the Georgian people stand, for whom the truth and true European values are dear, for whom our traditional national values -, motherland, language and faith are precious.

Let’s say no to black money and say yes to transparency, the true European path, independent and sovereign Georgia!”, - reads the statement of the ruling party.