29 May 2024,   08:47
We want to build a new stadium in Tbilisi, it will be designed for 70 000 spectators - Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Georgia unveiled Government’s plans for the construction of a new football stadium in Tbilisi, with aspirations of hosting the prestigious 2028 UEFA Champions League final.

“We would like to announce an important mega project related to sports, specifically to football and rugby. We want to build a new stadium in Tbilisi, which will essentially serve these two types of sports. It will be designed for 70 000 spectators. There will be a state-of-the-art stadium that will enable us to host the highest-profile matches in our capital, including the Champions League final.

It will be a British-style stadium. As you know, British-style stadiums do not have running tracks. At such times, the connection between the fans and the team is the most emotional. Of course, all this will affect the team’s success even more. The probable location will be the area around the new airport.

I am confident in the successful implementation of this project. Tbilisi, our capital, will have a unique stadium designed for 70,000 fans and, of course, this very important project will be properly implemented”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.