23 May 2024,   12:55
A new terminal to be built at Mestia Airport - Irakli Kobakhidze

The Prime Minister of Georgia talked today about the construction of a new terminal of modern standards at Mestia Airport. According to him, it will lead to a much greater increase of the inflow of tourists to Svaneti.

“We had a discussion about the International Airport of Tbilisi at the previous Executive Government Meeting. It is equally important for us to develop domestic airports for regional air travel within the country. Inflow of tourists is increasing in the country and we have a very good trend. Q1 of 2024 was also very good, compared to Q1 of 2023 as the number of visitors increased by 11%. We hosted over 1 300 000 visitors in the indicated period, out of which 1 million individuals were tourists.

Thus, we need to develop the infrastructure to create the most welcoming conditions in Georgia. Also, domestic airports need to be developed to support the local mobility, including the inter-regional and inter-city air flights. New terminal will be thus built at Mestia Airport. Green Studio has been selected as a vendor already as it had the best bid. New terminal will be built with modern standards.

We are all aware that Mestia in Svaneti is one of the most attractive travel destinations. Thus, the new terminal will facilitate a greater increase of tourism in Svaneti and it will lead to the development of not only Mestia, but the region at large. It will result in the improved welfare of the local population. Terminal will have a food court, shopping quarter and all the relevant amenities or services. Of course, more active work will be continued to develop our hospitality potential and I wish to thank the Ministry of Economy for designing and developing this project. It is with their engagement that a new terminal will be built at Mestia Airport”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.