14 June 2024,   01:26
Unfortunately, the attitude of some politicians towards Georgia is arrogant – Papuashvili

A single directive is being developed to ensure transparency of foreign influence within EU member states, a process in which Georgia is engaged actively. Such a statement made today the Speaker of the Parliament.

“I have said on other occasions that, unfortunately, the attitude of some politicians towards Georgia is arrogant. What is acceptable for the European Union or European countries somehow should not be acceptable for Georgia.

This sad attitude implies that others have the right, while we are denied this right. It underscores the necessity to limit foreign influence. When there is interference in political processes, it must have a certain level of transparency and harmful interference should be limited.

Ursula von der Leyen is the president of the European Commission, and the directive is an initiative of the European Commission dealing with issues of transparency of foreign influence in the EU.

This somewhat hypocritical stance towards Georgia becomes evident when we see that a directive is being developed in the EU. France, England, and US are all acting on this issue, with many countries contemplating similar measures.

As many countries have considered this, a single directive is being developed to ensure EU member states guarantee transparency of foreign influence. Georgia is precisely part of this process.

You can see the processes around us. Any foreign influence should be transparent to the Georgian people to exclude harmful influences and maintain a safe environment in Georgia”, - said Shalva Papuashvili.