22 June 2024,   20:24
Jeanne Shaheen and Idaho Republican Jim Risch to introduce US sanctions bill against Georgian politicians – POLITICO

Leading Georgian politicians responsible for undermining the country’s path to the EU could face sanctions under the terms of a new bipartisan bill set to be introduced by two U.S. senators, writes POLITICO.

“According to a document seen by POLITICO, New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and Idaho Republican Jim Risch will announce the “Georgian People’s Act” later Thursday.

The move comes as Georgia’s parliament prepares to pass a final vote on a controversial Russian-style “foreign agent” law which the EU has warned will torpedo the candidate country’s hopes of joining the bloc.

The U.S. bill would impose travel bans and other sanctions on Georgian politicians accused of “obstructing Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration” and being behind “corruption, human rights abuses and efforts to advance foreign agents law or facilitate its passage.”

It also calls for a permanent suspension of the U.S.-Georgia Strategic Dialogue, which has seen the two countries work together on security and democracy issues.

As well as targeting the governing Georgian Dream party and other officials, the bipartisan bill would allocate at least USD 50 million “to support democracy and rule of law projects in Georgia,” as well as trigger probes into “foreign malign influence” in the country”, - writes the author of the article.