20 June 2024,   10:40
Independence of the country not sold on visas - Mamuka Mdinaradze

The country’s independence will not be sold on any visas, writes Mamuka Mdinaradze, the leader of the parliamentary majority, on his Facebook page.

“For the last 3 days, the European Commission hinted in a conversation with the Georgian Prime Minister on the possibility of sharing the Slovakian PM’s fate.

France adopted a law on the prevention of foreign influence, and a similar bill is being initiated in NATO member country Turkey.

In response, the U.S. Secretary of State announced sanctions in support of “a more loyal law”.

This situation does not require assessments, but let me say it in brief:

1. Menacing and blackmailing continue for Georgia not to make independent decisions in its national interests. Despite spending thousands of millions, agents are so weak that they count on external activities and enjoy them.

2. It is unprecedented and comic to sanction an MP elected by the people for adopting a law per their stances.

3. Even the USSR rejected sharing responsibility by family members several decades before its dissolution.

4. The independence of a country is not sold on any visas. Georgians sacrificed their lives, and it seems they do not know us. Georgians will never cede the motherland, language, faith, traditions, dignity, or justice, and we will thus become full members of the European family.

Finally, everybody will have to speak to the Georgian people and their elected rather than appointed from abroad government. Georgia will make it!”, - writes Mamuka Mdinaradze.