15 June 2024,   23:58
Ukraine unlikely to become NATO member in 30 years - Olaf Scholz

German Chancellor said he thinks Ukraine is unlikely to become a NATO member within 30 years. According to Olaf Scholz, Germany continues to provide unconditional support to Ukraine, but so far there is no talk of this country joining NATO.

“You know that we strongly support Ukraine in its struggle against the imperialist invasion of a neighboring state. We are doing everything to ensure that this attack does not succeed. And although it has been said many times that Ukraine will join NATO, I will say that this will not happen in the coming years”, - said the Chancellor.

He underlined that this accession is unlikely to take place in the next 30 years.

“We must understand the responsibility because otherwise, this could lead to a big war between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance”, - added Scholz.

He emphasized that Berlin is acting in such a way as to prevent a big war between Russia and Ukraine.