16 June 2024,   00:56
Citizens of Georgia have the right to know who is financed by whom in this country - Prime Minister

The adoption of the law will create a better basis for ensuring Georgia’s accession to the European Union. Such a statement the Prime Minister of Georgia made at today’s press-conference.

“Citizens of Georgia have the right to know who is financed by whom in this country, who carries the positive or negative interests of a foreign power in Georgia.

With this law the Georgian society will be better protected from any attempt to encroach on the sovereignty of Georgia… What this country needs is not radicalization and constant attempts to organize a revolution, but calm and stability. The law adopted by the Parliament of Georgia serves this very important purpose.

I would like to thank each member of the Parliament of Georgia who supported the law “On transparency of foreign influence” and thereby showed loyalty to the national interests of Georgia, its independence and sovereignty. I understand the indignation of the forces that planned to take advantage of the opacity, organize a revolution in Georgia, open a second front and Ukrainize Georgia. They are disappointed, because the transparency of foreign influence will effectively ensure against such a scenario.”

This law will contribute to the fulfillment of the main recommendation of the European Union – depolarization. The pacification of Georgia will encourage the strengthening of the country’s democratic institutions and rapid economic growth”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.