16 June 2024,   00:08
The highest representative body, which is elected by Georgian people, has created the most important legal basis for strengthening state sovereignty – Kobakhidze

The highest representative body of the country, which is elected by the Georgian people and is accountable only to the Georgian people, acted precisely in accordance with the will of the Georgian people and created the most important legal basis for strengthening the state sovereignty of Georgia. Such a statement the Prime Minister of Georgia made at today’s press conference.

“I would like to respond to the Parliament’s veto overcoming and the final adoption of the Law on Transparency.

In order to strengthen state sovereignty, more than 80% of the Georgian population supports the transparency of foreign influence, and more than 60% of the population supports the law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence, in the light of criticism from foreigners.

In the past few days, it has been proved once again that there is no argument against the law. The weak situation of Salome Zourabishvili’s representative in the Parliament of Georgia was another unmistakable proof of this fact.

I will remind you that this law provides for only one thing - the publication of financial declarations by organizations carrying out the interests of a foreign power once a year. It is impossible to have any argument against such a law”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.