16 June 2024,   00:47
Any attempt to blackmail Georgian people, Government is not serious – Prime Minister

Any attempt to blackmail Georgian people, Government is not serious. Such a statement the Prime Minister of Georgia made at today’s press-conference.

“The adoption of such type of measures would be counterproductive, no one can punish the Georgian people and its Government.

We have a firm stance on everything, we serve the interests of this society, this country, therefore, for us, any talk about sanctions is frivolous. I once again call for everyone to be pragmatic. Pragmatism and justice are the most correct ways to ensure the realization of our common interests”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.

He also denounced “some ambassadors”, who had “avoided” public discussions over the transparency law and still the representatives of their countries “continued to participate in Georgia’s internal political debates”: “If they wanted to continue participating in discussions over the law, they would be welcomed to sit with me and participate in a public discussion before the Georgian society, which the diplomatic representatives of the respective countries avoided, because they had no arguments against the law”.