18 January 2022,   23:06
Tbilisi mayoral candidate Giorgi Vashadze visited socially vulnerable families living in Lilo settlement

The Mayoal candidate for "Unity-New Georgia" met with socially unprotected families in the Lilo settlement. Giorgi Vashadze and party members got acquainted with the problems of the locals.

19 families live in extreme poverty. They have problems with electricity and gasification. The main income of families living in Mikheil Glonti Street is social assistance, which, according to them, is not enough to live.

According to locals, most of them have been deprived of social assistance and families have been left without any income. Residents of Lilo settlement talked about health problems. They say they are unable to have urgent medical examinations and purchase of medicines.

The locals addressed the representatives of "New Georgia" with a request to provide mediation with the Municipal office to timely address their problems.