27 January 2022,   19:43
Venice Commission conclusion draft- ruling team assesses document as positve , opposition speaks about absence of consensus

The Venice Commission`s conclusion will be published on Monday, although "The Courier" has gained the document before it is published. It says that the Commission welcomes the commitment of the parliamentary majority to review the bonus system.

"The Venice Commission welcomes the commitment of the parliamentary majority in the letter of 20 September 2017 to review the Bonus system and get a fully proportionate distribution of undistributed mandates for all political parties that cross the 5% threshold. Such a system will facilitate pluralism in Parliament and be in full compliance with European standards. The Venice Commission is waiting for this step not only to be reviewed but to be taken immediately, "-the report says.

Politicians respond to VeniceCommission`s conclusion. The ruling team says that the document is positive.

"The Venice Commission has put an end to all the speculations that have spread throughout the period of adopting the new constitution. This conclusion is as positive as the preliminary conclusion, "-said Mamuka Mdinaradze, the chairman of the faction" Georgian Dream ".

The opposition parties still point to the absence of consensus.

"The consent is not something that is necessary for the country, this consent means consensus, for which we are ready together with the President who once again to gave a chance to his offer yesterday, if the" Georgian Dream "agrees with these issues, the constitution will be improved It will have a political legitimation, or consensus, "- said" national Movement "member Nika Rurua.

According to the members of the opposition, the ruling team wants to adopt a one-party constitution and maintain the prestige with the Venice Commission at the same time.