27 January 2022,   17:58
Interior Minister`s cousin accused of of physical assault and minister of hiding crime

The cousin of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Mgebrishvili, who is a high official 

in the same agency is accused by the Katamadzes` family of physical abuse and threats. Malkhaz Mghebrishvili is in the video footage taken by the phone, which was obtained by "Courier".

Jambul Katamadze says that Mgebrishvili often blackmailed them on behalf of the minister. The conflict started between Malkhaz Mghebrishvili and Jambul Katamadze due to construction of residential building on Sarajishvili Street. Katamadze claims that he and his wife were beaten by the Interior Ministry official.

The onfrontation started when Jambul Qatamadze received a permit for building a residential building on his own land. According to him, the high-ranking MIA official decided that the construction would be blocked which resulted in a conflict between neighbors.

After the incident, Katamadze addressed the Ministry of Internal Affairs`s a hot line and asked to investigate the fact of physical violence committed by a high-ranking official. However, he says that theMinistry did not study the case because the Minister hid the crime committed by his relative.

Press Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs refused to give an interview to "Courier"