12 August 2022,   15:33
Opposition demands investigation of kindergarten scandal

"This is the pressure on the employees, that is the wrong attitude towards them. They force employees by pressure and blackmail to bring the supporters` lists "- this assessment was made by the National Movement" regarding kindergartens` scandal. According to Levan Khabeishvili, he is convinced that the employees who are forced to collect the "Georgian Dream" supporters" lists do not like this process.

As for "European Georgia," Mariam Raminashvil confirms the facts that all the kindergartens and administration use their employees for the pre-election period.

"Employees are forced to confirm the loyalty to the ruling party as a guarantee to maintaining their jobs," Raminashvili says

The opposition demands to investigate these facts.

According to the scheme, by which the Georgian Dream intends to mobilize votes, the Kidergarten Agency instructs the directors of the kindergartens to find the supporters and make them promise that they will vote for the "Georgian Dream".

The scheme works so well: the whole process is likely to be run by the Kindergartens` Agency.