27 June 2022,   06:23
Giorgi Barateli, convicted for murder of Guram Sharadze, left prison

Giorgi Barateli, convicted for the murder of Guram Sharadze, left the prison today. The former convict has fully served the sentence. Barateli, who had previously admitted the murder, still reiterates that the former member of the Georgian parliament and the philologist Guram Sharadze was killed by him.

However, Sharadze`s family still thinks that he is innocent. Barateli is silent on the issue whether Prosecutor"s Office will re-investigate Sharadze"s case

"I personally did not blame anybody for any pressure. I am a prisoner, an accused. and those who have Pagans, I do not cooperate with the investigation, the Prosecutor"s Office and such people, " -former convict Giorgi Barateli said.