29 November 2021,   00:35
IDPs living in the former kindergarten building in Mukhiani ask for help

IDPs living in the former Kindergarten building located in Mukhiani"s second micro-district are asking for help.

According to them, two people, who introduced themselves as district administration members, demanded from them to leave the area adjacent to the building and gave them three days. The reason for this is the sale of the land plot, which is planned in the nearest future.

Despite the warning, the population has not received an official letter yet.

Former Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, Zaal Udumashvili and representatives of the National Movement were at the site. They accused the government of inadequate actions.

"The pre-election promises of the Georgian Dream have already beendisappeared like soap bubbles and the first victims of all of this, unfortunately, are IDPs living in Mukhiani. These people have been living here for 22 years, they have cultivated with their own hands the land and have planted gardens and instead of registering these plots to them, the municipality or the Tbilisi mayor are depriving them of this only source of income , " -said Zaliko Udumashvili.