30 November 2021,   20:12
Structural Changes Law will be registered till Thursday

The Law on Structural Changes has not yet been registered in the Parliament . According to the Majority, the draft law will be registered till Thursday.

Deputy Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia, a member of "Georgian Dream" Faction, Giorgi Volsky can not see anything alarming if the Law on Government Amendments will be included in the next sitting of the Bureau.

Chairman of the National Movement faction Roman Gotsiridze questions the staff changes. According to Gotsiridze, it is necessary to find out what these changes were made for.

Gigi Tsereteli, chairperson of the parliamentary faction "European Georgia - Movement for Freedom", had anticipated that the draft law on government amendments would be introduced in parliament.

"It is important that Parliament has enough time and no hasty decisions are made. Unfortunately, this did not happen, "said Gigi Tsereteli.