06 December 2021,   22:56
First meeting of Borjomi City Council was opened with shooting of bottles and physical and verbal confrontation

The first session of the new convocation council was going on the background of noise in Borjomi.

At the first session, the opposition, which turned out to be the majority in the city council, confronted the ruling party remaining in the minority. The reason for the clash was the agenda of the first meeting.Four opposition parties demanded to include in agenda the election of chairmen of City Council commissions, but "Georgian Dream" did not include the issue in the agenda.

Finally, the issue of selection of commission and selection of chairmen was added to the agenda, but the conflict did not end. One more quarrel was followed by staffing of mandatory and voting commissions. "Georgian Dream" demanded a guaranteed place in every commission. The verbal confrontation ended with protests - "Georgian Dream" left the sitting and the opposition remained alone in the hall.

The opposition staffed the commission only with members the opposition. Due to this the members of the "Georgian Dream" returned to the session and demanded from the opposition to declare the decisions made illegitimate.

Eventually, the "Georgian Dream`s" protest brought results and representatives of the ruling party were included in the committees.