18 August 2022,   11:08
Chechen friends told me that there were 2 small children, a woman and 2 men in the apartment - head of the Caucasus Peoples" Integration Foundation

The head of the Caucasian People"s Integration Foundation can not confirm the information released by the Georgian Colonel Davit Makhishvili, a retired colonel in Ukraine, that Ahmed Chataev and his two accomplices were killed during a special operation in Gabriel Salosi Street in Tbilisi, However, Umar Idigov asserts in an interview with "Rustavi 2" that in the apartment where the storm was undertaken, there were two little children, a woman and two men.

According to him, he provided this information to the employees of the State Security Service and asked them to involve him in negotiation group.

According to Umar Idigov, the members of thestate security refused to do it.

"Early in the morning I contacted them. My friends asked me for help. We arrived at the site of the special operation. There was a special unit and a large number of security guards. Chechen friends told me that there were 2 small children, 1 woman and 2 men in the apartment. They came from Chechnya a month ago and were there for medical treatment. The apartment was rented from a Pankisi resident. I heard from neighbors that security services knew about it. After I heard that there were children in the apartment, I told security officials about it, I asked them to negotiate with them but in vain. We are chechens and we will find a common language, but the shooting did not stop. As for Akhmed Chataev"s issue, I do not have such information and if he had come to Georgia, I would definitely have known about it, "said Umar Idigov.