02 December 2021,   05:09
"It looked like cynicism, but I think it was a stupid PR move" -celebrities evaluate involvement of MIA in campaign "No to Planting!

"No to Planting!" - The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) joined the social campaign under this slogan, which condemns drug planting. The official statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - "No to Planting!" - was followed by a differing opinions.

For the part of the society it is the acknowledgement of the fact that it really had and has place and for the other part it is an example of civil activity , while for some it is unclear what the Interior Ministry wants to say with this slogan - ""No to Planting!"
The blogger Guram Sherozia says that this statement of the MIA was even hilarious for him.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs was a bit ridiculous and even paradoxical because it is a fact that this campaign implies that the MIA calls upon the specific staff not to do what they do and suddenly they join the action themselves, "- Said Guram Sherozia.

Writer Vakhtang Mosiashvili also sees cynicism in MIA action.

"It"s like cynicism in some way but I think it was a stupid PR move as the MIA is not the institution that needs to raise awareness, but it"s very funny when the Interior Ministry does this, "said the writer Vakhtang Mosiashvili .

Iago Khvichia, political council member of the political union "Girchi" responds to the post saying that the MIA tried to convince the public that it would not do it any more.