08 December 2021,   05:32
Prosecutor"s Office should have appropriate response to the statements of Judge Shavadze - non-governmental sector

Civil society was interested in the case of Irakli Shavadze, judge of Batumi City Court.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations think that the statement made by the judge is of particular importance and the detailed study of the case is essential.
Irakli Shavadze stated that the High Council of Justice named as the reason for refusing him to be appointed is his confrontation with the Chairman of Batumi City Court.

The Civil Sector consideres it necessary to consider this issue in detail in the High Council of Justice.

"In this statement there were very noteworthy facts, including what we have been talking about for years, which is associated with unhealthy influences of the chairmen of the court. They also have a possible impact on solving cases and clan governance in the judiciary. We are planning to study the messages that we have heard and we will have a proper response, "said Oliko Shermadini, a lawyer for Transparency International Georgia.

The third sector once again speaks about the gaps in the system and the clan rulership. The NGOs indicate to the signs of the crime.