08 December 2021,   05:59
5 222 fires in one year - since 2012 Tergi is the 11th shopping center burned down

Since 2012 Tergi is the 11th shopping center, which was destroyed by fire. The employees of the market are waiting for the investigation, what caused the fire at night that resulted in damage of millions of lari and left the employees families without their only income.

The number of fires reached a record high number in 2017. During the past year 15 222 fires have occurred. The number of fire victims was also a record. In 2017, 79 people were killed and 244 were injured. 543 buildings were destroyed from the fire.

Most tragic fire took place on November 24, 2017n the hotel "Leogrand", which killed 11 people..

From 2012 onwards, there 10 markets have burned:

1. The "Lilo" market was burned on 15 November 2012;

2. Fire broke out in the shopping center "Saba" on February 26, 2013;

3."Europark" was burned on July 17, 2013;

4. Fire broke out in the "Gypsy" market on September 16, 2014;

5. The fire broke out in "Khopa" market on December 7, 2014;

6. Eliava"s market was burned on 27 December 2014;

7. Fire broke out in "Isani" market on January 21, 2015;

8. Eliava"s market was burnt down on 4 August 2015;

9. The "black" market was burned on 2 August 2016;

10. The "children"s world" was destroyed by fire on January 29, 2017.

Since March 1, 2018, insurances of trade centers, fairs, hotels and petrol stations are mandatory.