18 August 2022,   11:07
Secret meeting of Holy Synod with Ambassadors accredited in Georgia

Influential bishops of the Holy Synod met with ambassadors accredited in Georgia behind closed doors. Catholicos Patriarch Jacob, Poti Metropolitan Grigoli and several other clergymen were present at the British Embassy today.

The main topic of the conversation was about neutralization of Russian propaganda and Russian threats.

The members of the Holy Synod say after the meeting that it was informal, the aim of which was to sum up official meetings that were held by the Georgian Patriarchate in the West during the recent period.

"No one is unaware of the propaganda that evil and misery come from the West and this is directed towards disorientation of society when the country has serious tasks," said Metropolitan Grigol of Poti and Khobi .

The Metropolitan Anton of Vani and Baghdad expressed regret that Russia has no proper relationship with Georgia.

Over the past few months, the influential high priests of the Holy Synod arrived in Brussels and Washington with several official visits.

Today"s meeting with diplomats was preceded the preaching of the Bishop of Poti, during which Bishop Grigol talked about Russian aggression and the representatives of the society who still serve the occupant. The member of the Holy Synod writes in the appeal that today there are people in Georgia who are trying to pursue Russian interests.