25 September 2022,   08:33
"City Park" against Kaladze - Company accuses the mayor of illegal and politically motivated decision

Company City Park Responds to Kakha Kaladze - The owners of the company suspect that the Tbilisi City Hall terminated their contract for the interests of the specific group.

According to them, the Mayor of Tbilisi received an illegal and politically motivated decision and put specific interests above the court.

Today Tbilisi mayor did not respond to serious accusations of foreign investors. Tbilisi City Hall"s press service has released a short comment on Tbilisi Vice Mayor where Irakli Khmaladze does not share the allegations of "City Park" owners.

The fact that the cancellation of the agreement with City Park may serve the interests of certain individuals is not excluded by the opposition. The members of Sakrebulo are interested in regulating parking issues in Tbilisi after termination of the contract. They also do not rule out that the dispute between the owners of the company and the City Hall will continue in the court