20 August 2022,   06:27
Ombudsman presents Zviad Devdariani as a candidate for Board of Public Broadcaster

A Public Defender names Zviad Devdariani as a candidate for the Board of Public Broadcasting. Nino Lomjaria made a decision based on the concept presented by Devdariani on the interview.

"Zviad Devdariani has proven repeatedly that in many critical situations he maintains objectivity, criticism and competent approach to the issues, taking into account these circumstances, I made the decision that was not easy for me," the Ombudsman said.

According to Zviad Devdariani, he will try to strengthen the ties between the Board of Trustees and various interest groups in case of approval.

Four candidates should be submitted to the Parliament. One of them will be named by the Adjara Public Broadcaster, one by the parliamentary majority and one by the minority.