28 January 2022,   01:23
Four patients injured in Gudauri are expected to leave in Gudushauri hospital tomorrow

4 patients injured in the ropeway crash in Gudauri are expected to leave Gudushauri hospital today or tomorrow;one of the injured has been operated and his condition is stable.
Head of Critical Medicine and Anesthesia Unit of Gudushauri Hospital Nikoloz Kartsivadze stated about it.

According to him, there are 5 patients in Gudushauri hospital - all foreign citizens.

"4 of them have absolutely stable condition. Perhaps today or tomorrow they will leave the clinic . One is in the resuscitation department, "the doctor said.

According to him, seven patients were initially admitted to Gudushauri hospital, but some had left the clinic and now there are 5 patients in the hospital.

As for the one who is in the resuscitation, the doctor said yesterday that the operation was carried out due to the damage of the spine column.
"Vital functions are stable for the moment. We will consider it as a stable condition, "-
the doctor said.
As for the rest of the patients, the doctor reported that there are some minor injuries, bruises that do not require special medical intervention.
Dimitri Kumsishvili, a vice-premier visited the injured in the hospital.