28 January 2022,   00:43
He asked me if I knew why the Deacon had not been pardoned for so long - Nika Gvaramia speaks about details of the meeting with the Patriarch

"I am sure as a professional lawyer, Giorgi Mamaladze, th Deacon is innocent," Nika Gvaramia said in a live interview on Saturday Courier.

He spoke about a visit to the Patriarchate when he met Ilia II and they talked about the cyanide case.

"He told me that he did not know the case well because he had heard a lot of explanations and wanted to know my position. I told him that I was sure that this man was innocent. Then he asked me why I thought the man was innocent. I told him that I was going to talk to the President,and ask him to pardon Deacon Mamaldze. He asked me if I knew why the Deacon had not been pardoned for so long but I told him that I did not have information. I told him that if I was confident in my position and I though it was necessary to do it, I should do it and I will do it, "Nika Gvaramia said.

Nika Gvaramia talked about at whose invitation he arried at the Patriarchate. According to him, the meeting was held with a joint desire.

Gvaramia pointed out that there were people with Patriarch in whose presence he did not want to speak.

"The accompanying persons were not from my side. There I met people whom I did not want to talk to. I do not mean everyone. I did not intend to talk to the Patriarch in their presence. Those were the people because of whom Giorgi Mamaladze is in prison, "Nika Gvaramia said.