30 September 2022,   14:31
Referendum of March 31, 1991 - 27 years from restoration of independence

On March 31, 1991 the Universal People"s Referendum was held in the Republic of Georgia, during which 98% of the population unanimously supported the country"s independence on the basis of the "Independence Act of 26 May 1918".

The referendum was held in the Abkhaz ASSR and the former South Ossetian Autonomous District.

According to the CEC summary protocol, the total number of voters was 3.657. 477. Number of referendum participants - 3. 302. 572, which constitutes 90,3% of the total number of voters; Number of voting participants - 3. 326. 100; Which constitutes 89.3% of the total number of voters;
On April 9, 1991 the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia adopted the "Act of Restoration of State Independence" on the basis of referendum results.

Zviad Gamsakhurdia on the basis of the results of the referendum announced on April 9, 1991 declared independence of Georgia.