05 December 2023,   02:45
"Absurd and funny" and "public mockery" - the opposition assesses the initiative of changing color of government jeeps

The resolution, which was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers, states that state agencies are not allowed to buy black cars. But if you decide to buy a white luxury jeep for example, there is no problem. However, in November last year Prime Minister Kvirikashvili stated that it is time to end the epock of black jeeps in Georgia, because it all irritates everyone. Due to this statement, the opposition calls "unserious" the decision to change the color of cars.

"In reality this is a public mockery, because the main thing here is not the color of the car, but the fact that the government spends a lot of money on self-preservation, its activists and officials," said Zaza Bibilashvili, a member of the National Movement.

In "European Georgia", the initiative of the government about the change of jeep colors is called "absurd and ridiculous"

"The problem of our country is not the black jeeps, the problem is the price of these jeeps and the problem is how much the government spends on its own luxury, its salaries and bonuses from the budget, how much money it takes from business and economy to its well-being," - said Irakli Kiknavelidze.

The civil sector sees the possible corruption in the initiative.