30 November 2023,   21:09
Political Vendetta, Attempt to Crush a Critical Channel and Ivanishvili"s Influences - Freedom House"s Critical Report

"Freedom House" has studied the quality of freedom in 29 countries and found that development of democracy is at risk in the transitional states. The conclusion states that it is not surprising that Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan are moving in a negative direction.

The director of the "Freedom House" project, Nate Schenkkan confirmed to the "Courier" that Rustavi 2"s case is one of the main reasons why media freedom has deteriorated. Presentation of an influential NGO report was held in Brussels.

The Freedom House report uses the term "political vendetta." The organization writes that "Georgian Dream" government uses political revenge and the target is Mikheil Saakashvili.

"In political vendetta we have implicated the legal persecution of the main figures of the United National Movement, which began after the transition period, as well as judicial processes and decisions made by political parties. I can not tell you what is the motive of Ivanishvili. But when you have a party, you enter politics, the goal is to win. The danger you are warning about is: If you win the election once, whether or not others will give you the chance to win. There must be a way to change the government through elections. This is the idea of fair and free elections, "said the director of the" Freedom House "project, Nate Schenkkan.

The report speaks about Bidzina Ivanishvili"s influences on various projects, including the project Panorama Tbilisi.