27 January 2022,   16:28
Vepkhia Bakradze"s daughter presumes that mother of killed girl addressed President with request to pardon her father

The detainee Vepkhia Bakradze"s daughter suggests that the mother of the murdered girl, or the former wife of her father addressed the President with request of her father"s pardon. Lika Bakradze says that she has never applied with her father"s pardon request.
Vepkhvia Bakradze was prosecuted in 2015 for violence against Natela Gabodze. He left the penitentiary establishment in 2 years after the Presidential Pardoning Act.

"The conflict was that Tako was opposed to their being together, as to the motives,I could not tell you. My father was not a man who could do that. I"m still shocked, "said Lika Bakradze.

The opposite claims that the family members of the killed 25-year-old woman are demanding the punishment of the defendant.