30 November 2023,   22:20
There are a lot of European countries where insult of religious feelings is a criminal offence - Father Alexander Galdava

Religious confessions and non-governmental sector discuss a bill on "insulting religious feelings" for the second day already.

Emzar Kvitsiani"s initiative has supporters in the parliamentary majority. A leader of " alliance of Patriots" thinks that insulting religious feelings should be punishable however the sanctions should not be imposed on clergymen who insult other religious feelings from the ambiguous sermon.

Father Alexander Galdava says that the Patriarchate knows nothing about the initiative of Emzar Kvitsiani, However, he claims that many European countries consider insulting religious feelings as a criminal offence.

"If we have European direction and have chosen the European path we can consider many European countries, where insulting religious feelings is not administrative but a criminal offence as an example,"- said Alexander Galdava.