24 January 2022,   07:34
Dmanisi Salvation Fund starts legal disputes to defend centennial eucalyptus

After purchasing of centennial eucalyptus at the auction, the Dmanisi Salvation fund starts legal dispute to protect the tree.

The head of the foundation has filed a suit in the court demanding the abolition of the requirement to replant the tree.

The Dmanisi Salvation Foundation purchased the eucaliptus on March 27, for 20 020 GEL.

"We are asking the invalidation of the 125th Order of the Minister of Finance, which obliges us to replant the tree, which contradicts the existing law. We also request the invalidation of paragraph 2 of Article 13 of the Treaty. We also petition the court to force the Service Agency of the Ministry of Finance to prevent the unilateral disruption of the agreement, "- said Tamta Shamatava, head of the Dmanisi Salvation Foundation.