24 January 2022,   08:30
Tatunashvili"s murder and investigation indeadlock - independent expert criticizes prosecutor"s office

Investigation into the murder of Archil Tatunashvili entered deadlock. The National Bureau of Expertise has failed to issue the conclusion for 40 days. The Prosecutor"s Office has not even handed over the documents to an independent expert officially involved in the case, which causes suspicions of the Ttorture Victims" Assistance center.

Because the expertise is in the deadlock, the Georgian side has asked the occupation regime to deliver Tutuashvili"s heart and brain, extracted from the body in Tskhinvali, but has not received the answer yet.

Independent expert Mariam Jishkariani says that the investigation is ineffective. The expert considers that this case should be investigated by the Chief Prosecutor"s Office.

According to her, the case will be investigated by high standards only if an international level investigation and expertise will be conducted.

According to her, it is unclear why the expertise has not indicated in the mid-term conclusion that the expertise required organs extracted from the body.