23 January 2022,   13:10
"Blue Whale" - a deadly internet game and young people who committed suicide

Dangerous computer game "Blue Whale" and young people who committed suicide. According to the spread information, over ten teenagers have inflicted self-injuries because of the fatal task of the game.

The family of 16-year-old girl who died today have suspicians regarding "Blue Whale" . The doctors have been triying to save the teenager for two weeks, but she died in a clinic today. The relatives have doubts that the school pupil ended the life due to the final task of "Blue Whale" .

A 15-year-old girl who jumpedfrom the eighth floor of nine floors in the same district in Tbilisi is allegedly also a victim of "blue whale" .

The girl lived in the village of Meri in Ozurgeti district and studied at the public school in the village before moving to Tbilisi. The 17 year old schoolboy who tried to commit suicide went to the same school. The teenager is now under the supervision of psychologists and law enforcers. According to police, the teenager tried to kill himself because of a dangerous game "blue whale".

So far, law enforcers have not been able to identify the person who gives the task via the social network.