20 June 2021,   12:47
" It is my legitimate right to know about this salary" - Ninia Kakabadze waiting for the answer from the broadcaster

Ninia Kakabadze, the member of the Board of Trustees of the Georgian Public Broadcaster demands the information about salaries of the employees in vain.

Kakabadze has addressed the Director General of the TV channel with an official statement and has requested information.
She states that it is her legitimate right is to know about salaries of the employees, though she does not have the right to disclose the information and does not intend to violate the confidentiality.

"They say that I do not have the right to see it and I somehow violate their personal space. They are in public service. It is my legal right is to know about their salaries . I have the right to demand it. Of course, the law reads that I have no right to publicize this information and I"m not going to, "said Ninia Kakabadze.

The member of the board does not rule out to apply legal ways in the case if the broadcaster does not issue the information in the nearest future.